Considering we all live in the day and age of “efficiency and productivity”, we’ve somehow strayed further away from making our lives easier and less complicated. Although we’d love for Marie Kondo to waltz into our lives, we have to start making changes where we can. Off the Clock believes in simplifying everyday routines so we can find easier ways to feel beautiful. 

Our community is made up of people who want to live out their day-to-day as extraordinarily as possible. We’re students cramming a semester’s worth of lectures, weekend warriors celebrating the end of a grueling week, tireless moms caring for our families, and worker bees clocking into our midnight shifts. Join our community by tagging us @offtheclocklook #offtheclocklook. We want to hear from you! 

Founded by two sisters based in LA and Toronto, we want to create timeless products that make you feel carefree like you’re off the clock.

We appreciate your support and hope our products will help you feel your best in more simpler, time convenient ways. 

With love,

Off the Clock