Ebbs & Flows Accent Lash Set

*Please note: easylash liner is sold separately.

This lash set contains two accent lashes and comes with the light pink mirrored storage case (as pictured) for safe keeping.

The Ebbs & Flows lashes are designed to accentuate the length and volume of your eyes’ outer corners. The lash bands' widths are shorter than standard false eyelashes for an understated yet subtle glam lash look. The hair strands are made with luxury faux mink material to mimic the lightweight feel of real mink lashes for all day comfort. These lashes come together with the case, which can store up to three lashes.

  • Shorter lash band than standard lashes, meant for accenting the outer corners of your eyes for very natural flair
  • Lash case size: 4-1/3" x 3" x 4/5" 
  • Material: 100% synthetic mink (PBT) 
  • Comes with mirrored light pink case for safe-keeping
  • Cut lash down to fit eye width. 
  • Apply easylash liner like normal eyeliner where you want lashes to adhere. 
  • Wait 10 seconds for liner to dry. Line your lash onto the liner and apply light pressure until lash bonds to liner.
  • To remove, gently peel off lashes from either corner. Cleanse skin with makeup remover. 
  • To reuse, clean lash by using makeup remover to gently remove any remaining easylash liner or lash adhesive on the band. If wet, gently wipe dry. You can also use a spoolie brush to comb the strands. 
Keep out of reach of children